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The 2018 Muay Thai World Expo Tournament

Every year since 2011, (and with the exception of 2017),  we have participated in the annual Muay Thai tournament in Iowa. It's THE biggest tournament in north america and each year it gets bigger and bigger.  Attending this tournament is a humbling and life changing event whether your a particpant or a spectator. The camaraderie among the nak muay is felt strongly and genuine and is an experience like no other. Training for this tournament is long and hard but no matter the outcome, its always rewarding. Participating in the tournament not only takes a great deal of time in preparing for battle, but also preparing for travel.  This tournament is a total of 6 days. 2 days for travel, 1 day for weigh-ins, medicals & rules and 3 days of competition.   So.... Let's meet our team...

Our 2018 Team

Des Moines, Iowa 
June 21 - 24, 2018

Gord Curtis

Age: 52
Record: 0-1

Gord started training Muay Thai in 2012. His first ring experience was in 2013 at the Muay Thai Classic in Iowa (now changed to Muay Thai expo). 

Gord can't wait to get back into the ring again this year and has been training extremely hard to fulfil his dream!

John Mitchell

Age: 32
Record: 0-0

John began his muay thai training just over a year ago. He first dabbled in Tae Kwon Do for a few years but wanted something a little more challenging.

John is very excited to be joining the team this year in hope of bringing home the belt for his division.

Abigayle Rocchio

Age: 10
Record: 0-0

Abi came to Pride at the ripe old age of 8 years old! Although this will be only her second year of training Muay Thai, she has shown a ton of passion and dedication to the martial art and is eager to get in the ring to showcase her new skills!

She may be little... but she is mighty!

Wayne Pokornik

Age: 38
Record: 9 - 15

Club owner and Head Coach for Pride Muay Thai, Kru Wayne has been training Muay Thai since his 20's. His passion and dedication for the sport is why he loves to compete. 

About the Muay Thai Expo Tournament

The tournament is held in Des Moines, Iowa.  It is the biggest muay thai event in north america with an outstanding 600+ nak muay particpating every year. The tournament is so big that it runs for a total of 4 days... 1 day for the weigh in, medicals and rules and 3 days of competition. In those 3 days, there is 2 days of single elimination bouts in 4 rings throughout the day. and championship bouts on the last day. There are hundreds of brackets for novice, intermediate and high level fighters. Some brackets can fit up to 16 fighters which means multiple fights throughout the tournament. For more information, please cick the picture below to be directed to the official tournament site.  

Fundraising Opportunities

Due to the caliber of this tournament, we have to travel to Iowa and find accomdations at our own expense.  So as a team, we must fundraise to help offset as much costs as possible. Below are some of our fundraising opportunites the team has scheduled... We would love to have your support.

Pizza Hotline Coupon Card

Grab a Pizza Hotline Coupon Card.

For $10.00 you get a card that has over $30 worth of coupons, including a FREE XL 2 topping pizza. Cards are prepaid. Our first order is going in May 15th

Pancake Breakfast

Our fight team is serving up breakfast!

Get your tickets now!

Saturday, June 10th

10am - 12pm

Check out our Official Event Page for more details.

Adult Ticket Price - $10.00

Child / Senior Ticket Price - $7.00

Silent Auction

The team is working hard at putting together some silent auction prizes. You can see all prizes on our facebook group.  Our auction will be displayed at the club from May 20th - June 15th. The auction will also be displayed at our Pancake Breakfast. Draw will be held online in the team page listed below on Saturday, June 16th. To purchase tickets, come into the club, talk to one of the fighters or online though the paypal links to the right. (if purchasing online, please specify which prizes you wish to enter)


1 sheet of 25 tickets - $10.00

3 sheets of 25 tickets - $25.00

Silent Auction Contributors

We would like to thank all the following contributors for their generous donations to our silent auction.

Wayne & Charleen Pokornik of Pride Muay Thai

John Mitchell of Russel-Hendrix

Michelle Debrujn of Wood Ya?

Erin Kettler of Whooo's Cleaning

Michael Wynne of IceTime Sports

Janice Joyce of Prairie Sage Massage Therapy

Alexandria Body Sugaring on Regent

Jen Harder - Pampered Chef Consultant

HepCat Studio

Michelle Keenas of MK Cookies


Gord Curtis for the bar fridge donation

Moxies - Bell MTS Centre

RX Autodetailing

Lindsay & Chris Stuhan from Gimli - Crown Royal Donation

Happy Tails Pet Resort & Spa

Crisanto Aquino of  Dr. Autoshine

Would you like to make a donation to our silent auction? 

Please email [email protected] and we can arrange to have someone pick up your donation. (a letter can be provided on request)

For more information on our silent auction and all other fundrasier events, please join our facebook group

A Special Thank You to our Cash Donations

Big Freight Systems Inc.