Passion. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence. 

Fight Team

The Fight Team is for those who want to test their skills in the ring. Anyone that would like to fight must pass a test to prove their commitment and dedication. It takes a lot of passion and sacrifices from one who wishes to compete.  Although being a fighter is time consuming and hard work, it can also be very rewarding.

Win or lose, it boosts self esteem, confidence, respect, morals, strength and a sense of PRIDE.



In order for anyone to join our competition team, one will have to pass a test first, the requirements to challenge the test are as follows; 

  • Minimum of 6 months training 3 or more days a week prior to the fight team test. (Weekly classes must be 3 pad classes, 3 Muay Thai technique classes, 2 clinch classes and 2 sparring classes.

Once the fight team test as been passed, the requirements are as follows;

  • Maintaining an active membership.
  • Consistently training a minimum of 4 days a week training; which must include 4 pad classes, 4 Muay Thai technique classes,  2 clinch classes and 2 sparring classes.
  • 100% participation during fight camps.
  • Sign our Fight Team Agreement.
  • Sign the training agreement attached to each event.

Members of the competition team understand that if the requirements above are not met, they will lose their spot on the team. Any team member that has not competed in a 24 month span, will be required to challenge the fight test again.