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How do I get started?

Well....  It's as easy as clicking the "Get Started" button below!

First, we require all new students to Pride Muay Thai to attend one of our "New Member Intro Classes". We do this, so you get the attention and proper instruction you deserve!

You will get one of our assistants working with you to teach you the basic punches and kicks used, as well has the proper way to hold thai pads. Once the intro class is completed, your welcome to participate in our regular adult co-ed kickboxing class or for women, our ladies only kickboxing class.

We hold free intro classes every Monday and Thursday at 6pm, just need to register via our website. 

You can book a semi-private one on one on a day that works best for you, however there is a fee of $25 for booking an appointment, but if you attend your intro and purchase a membership, we discount your first month by $25!

Are You Ready?

What's the difference between a premium membership & a term membership?

The difference between a contract or term membership ( 6 month or 12 month term) and a premium membership is that the term memberships are contracts that expire after their specified term and premium membership converts to month to month with no end date after a 4 month commitment period. Premium memberships also have other added benefits such as free suspensions, price locks, versatile cancellation options, and you can earn cash back rewards! (Family packages are excluded from earning Cash Back Rewards)

What are Cash Back Rewards?

Cash Back Rewards are rewards earned with any premium membership. Depending on the premium membership you have will determine your reward level. After 12 active months of your premium membership, you can redeem your rewards and receive a discount on either your next or next 2 following months. Once rewards are paid out, you start saving up again. Rewards are only paid out after 12 active months.  Cancelled memberships do not qualify for any Cash Back Rewards. 

How much do I earn? 

Each membership earns a certain percentage off their total annual membership before taxes.

Bronze - 4%                 Silver - 6%              Gold - 8%                   Platinum - 10%

Do I have to fight or spar?  Will I get hurt or injured?

Absolutely not. This is a huge misconception that prevents many people from even trying kickboxing or Muay Thai. Most people in the classes are there for fitness and self-defence purposes only.  Our most popular class is our kickboxing class where we are hitting Thai pads while training with a partner, but do not strike each other.

Fighters that choose to spar and compete have a chance to sustain some injuries, but most members of our gym are not interested in that type of participation, which is why we have separate classes for fighters.

What is the male to female ratio?

About 50/50. We pride ourselves on having one of the best male/female ratios for a Winnipeg Muay Thai kickboxing / combat fitness gym, which is largely attributed to the excellent workout, friendly/comfortable nature and cleanliness of our gym.

However for those women that are more self conscience and prefer a women's only atmosphere, we do offer 2 ladies only kickboxing classes a week.

I'm a little nervous and not sure what to expect. What is the environment like at the club?

Not to worry. We are a non-judgmental, non-intimidating and attitude-free gym. We are a friendly and encouraging group, and our members come from all walks of life: high school/college/university students, lawyers, skilled laborers, construction workers, doctors & nurses, musicians, dancers, and many more. They are all there to share common goals: to get fit and learn self-defense, and competition for those that desire it. You’ll get to meet some of these great people while you’re here.

How do your classes differ from other cardio kickboxing classes offered at most of the large box gyms?

We are a dedicated and specialized Muay Thai kickboxing gym. Similar classes normally have the participants kicking and punching the air without any proper equipment or coaching. They are essentially aerobics classes that incorporate some basic kickboxing moves. Most of the people teaching those classes are aerobics instructors that have very little formal training in kickboxing or muay thai, if any. In fact, several have already been to our gym looking to learn more. Our classes, on the other hand, will teach you proper Muay Thai kickboxing with all the appropriate training equipment and give you a workout you will most likely not experience anywhere else.

What's the difference between your 30 minute kickboxing circuit and other 30 minute kickboxing circuits?

What makes us unique is that we use an authentic Muay Thai style of kickboxing.  Our head coaches have been studying and practicing Muay Thai kickboxing since school age and have competed at an amateur level since their 20's, So you are getting qualified and experienced trainers guiding you through your workout.

Our KickFit 30 program is designed as a HIIT circuit which means you give one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercises, followed by short recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Very much like our evening cardio kickboxing class but in a shorter duration.  We are always changing up the workout so you are constantly being challenged and don't get bored. Some days, we may have 6 exercise stations, some days there may be 12. We use a variety of different striking weapons such as; punches, round kicks, push kicks, knees and elbows.

What age can my child start martial arts classes?

Our kids Muay Thai program start at age 5. All students start at the beginner level for their age group. For more information on our kids programs, click here.

I am on a contract and I can't continue with my commitment, what do I do?

You can cancel your membership anytime with 30 days notice. 

If you wish to cancel your membership inside the commitment period, there is a cancellation fee equal to 40% of the remainder of the agreement. All discounts given will not be considered in the calculation of the cancellation fee.  Any outstanding balances must be paid in full, a cancellation form completed and the cancellation fee be paid before any memberships will be cancelled. Cancelling your membership MUST be done in person. Emails or phone notifications will NOT be accepted. See our cancellation policies here.

Can I suspend my or my child's membership?

Yes! If you are on one of our Premium Pricing or Term Memberships, you can suspend your membership for any reason from a minimum of 14 days and up to a maximum of 60 days. Memberships are limited to 2 freezes per calendar year. First suspension is free, $10 fee for the second suspension.  A suspension form must be completed and returned to activate. Click here to print a suspension form.  For more information on suspensions, please click here.

What can I expect in the Ladies Only Class?

The class is very much like our co-ed cardio kickboxing class. We first start off with a warm up.. it could be skipping, running, multiple dynamic exercises, or shadow boxing, then we get into the fun... where we will do heavy bag or pad work. And sometimes we will throw in some strength and conditioning circuits just to spice things up every once in a while.