Passion. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence. 

Club Rules

These rules are common in most martial arts gyms, they have been put in place for your safety and to maintain a level of respect for the instructors and other members. 


1. Absolutely NO aggressive or disrespective behaviour. (See policy #4)

2. No outdoor footwear in the gym, no exceptions!  (See policy #7)

3. No talking while instructor is talking.

4. Do not be late for class. (See policy #5)

5. Observe proper hygiene. (See policy #6)

6. Always sanitize and put away equipment after use.

7. No admittance into the gym until a liability waiver has been signed. (See Policy #1)


Please see our Club Etiquette rules posted in the gym.

Club Policies   

#1 - Membership Fees, Cards & Waivers

All Membership Fees must be paid at time of registration. 1 and 3 month memberships must be paid in full. 6 month and 1 year membership may be paid in full or paid monthly by signing a commitment agreement. This is a binding contract. Contracts must filled out at time of registration or membership renewal. If you choose to be on contract, the first month is to be paid in full and you must provide a credit card or your checking account information. There is a $25.00 charge if your payment is returned NSF. If you cannot make your payment on your due date, you will be charged a $10.00 late fee per week.

All members must fill out and sign a release of liability waiver and indemnity. No one is permitted to enter the gym area until signed by the member and approved by a club representative.

#2 - Refunds

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You may cancel (with 30 days notice) or suspend your membership for up to 2 months  (must provide a written note and fill out a request form). 

#3 - Suspensions

Suspensions may be approved for injury, medical leave, vacation or work travel and must provide proof if required. There is a $15.00 fee to put your membership on hold. Members must fill out a suspension request form as soon as possible as suspensions do not start until the form is submitted and approved. Membership can be suspended based on the length of their membership.  

  • 1 Month memberships - No suspensions 
  • 3 Month memberships can be suspended 1 time for a minimum of 14 days to 30 days.
  • 6 Month & 1 Year memberships can be suspended a total of 2 times for a min of 14 days to a max of 60 days.

All membership fees will stop until your requested return date and you membership will be adjusted accordingly.  

#4 - Behavior

Pride will NOT tolerate any aggressive, disrespectful, rude, unethical or violent behavior. Any members that instigate a fight or seem to be in altercations frequently will be suspended from the club indefinitely.

This rule apple to ALL members, even fighters! A true fighter knows that aggressive and violent behavior will not get you the win.. it's the passion, respect, integrity and dedication of the sport that will get them to excellence.

#5 - Attendance

All members must sign in before entering the gym.


Lateness - Do not be late for class! It is disrespectful to the instructor and interruptive to the students. If lateness is an occurring event, the instructor may ask you to leave or complete a number of exercises before or after class. If you are going to late, please notify the instructor ahead of time.

#6 - Hygiene

1. Students must wear body deodorant or some form of deodorizing agent.

2. Students must attempt to keep proper dental maintenance (i.e. - regular brushing and fresh breath).

3. If necessary, students should bring a second set of workout clothes and a towel to wipe sweat.

4. Students must keep proper maintenance of their nails (fingernail and toenails should be kept short!).

5. Students must wear clothing that is washed and odour free at the beginning of every class.

6. Out of respect for fellow students no shirtlessness, over exposure of cleavage or of underwear.

#7 - Shoes

All outdoor footwear must be removed before entry into the gym. Please place outdoor footwear on the shoe racks in the designated area. NO muddy footwear inside the facility.. please leave muddy shoes outside.

Indoor and separate outdoor runners should be brought to the gym everyday, as we may periodically run outside if weather is permitted.

#8 - Competing Gyms

If you are an instructor, trainer, student, owner or have any affiliations with a competing business, you must disclose this in person to Pride Muay Thai. Failure to do so before you start training could lead to automatic suspension from the club. We have a some what of an open gym policy, and welcome other students from other gyms as long as they have permission from both their current coach and Kru Wayne and agree to our rules and policies by signing a waiver of liability.