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Child Minding Services

Child Minding Rules & Policies

Members using this service are 100% responsible for their children and must abide by the club rules.

Parents are to leave their child/ren with the childminder in the playroom once they arrive. Please drop them off BEFORE you go into the change room out of respect for all members. Once your child is in the playroom and the childminder is caring for your child, you are NOT to be distracted by your child. Children are NOT allowed to leave the playroom unless they need to use the restroom, in which the childminder will take them. The playroom will be steps away from the restroom so that the childminder can still watch any other children in the playroom. During class, again, you are NOT to be distracted by your child. You are NOT to leave class to “check in” with your child as this is not only disruptive to the class, your partner, the childminder, and other children, but you may make your or other children want to “see” their parents too. The childminder has direct and specific instructions on how to keep your child occupied while you are enjoying your class. If a problem does occur where you are in need of assistance, we will dismiss you from class and one of our assistance will fill in for you. If this happens to become a regular occurrence where your child is disruptive, then unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of this service. After your class, please pick up your child in a timely fashion, but NOT before heading to the change room.

The play room has toys, a table, seating, play pen and swing for younger children. We will provide books to read, coloring pages and pencils, and crafty stuff. We will NOT be providing any electronics such as tvs or gaming systems, as we feel that we will be fighting for volume. Your child may bring their own books, activities or electronic devices such as tablets, ipads or any handheld devices, however they will be required to have headphones. No headphones, No device. If there is any fighting between children for any items, the childminder will take away the item.

There is to be absolutely NO food, gum or beverages in the play room, as it can become messy. As well, we now have to be mindful of allergies. Children can have a bottle or sippy cup of water only.

You must book your childminding service as soon as possible. We are asking that you try to book at minimum 12 hours in advance. If there are no bookings by 3pm of the current day service is needed, no childminding service will be available. However, if there is a booking and you would like to book a spot providing there is room and it is “short notice”, you can still reserve your spot. We will have an option on our MINDBODY Connect app for you to “reserve” your spot. There is only to be 5 children on any given day.

 Please be aware that rules regarding this service may change at anytime as we all have to adapt to these changes.

Pride is not responsible to accept payment. All payments are to go directly to the childminder. The minimum child watch fee is $3.00/hr per child. We are aware that this is very minimal and if you feel that the childminder deserves more, you may choose to “tip” them. $5.00 is just the minimal amount we feel is a fair price. If you cannot pay, you cannot use the service. You are NOT to barter or make deals/trades, etc.

The childminders that will be caring for your child must have completed the Manitoba babysitting course.

If at any time, we need to update the polices or procedures regarding this subject, we will add to this file, and post it on the facebook members only group.