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Quotes Like many people I had become mind numbingly bored with my workout routine until I heard about Pride Muay Thai. After returning from Hawaii and being at an all-time high with my weight, I started their kickboxing classes 3 times/week. In June I decided to go down to 2 days/week. Within 5 months I lost 21 pounds (without dieting) and at 44 yers old I feel stronger mentally and physically than I have in a very long time. There was a week when my friend couldn't attend classes and I was intimidated to go by myself as I did not know who I would be partnered with. I decided to go anyway and I'm so glad I did. The owners as well as the students made me feel more welcome than I could ever have imagined. I have heard people talk about the "Pride Muay Thai Family" and I can say that I honesty believe that it is a family and I see it every time I walk through the door. If you are looking for a great workout in a positive & energetic environment, I highly recommend Pride Muay Thai. Quotes

Quotes I joined a bootcamp in March, just finished the second round. A total of 16 weeks, 3 days a week,1 hour a morning.... 6" lost from my chest to my thighs ( the best place I want it to leave me). I'm not looking for a weight loss solution but a healthier me! I can run 8 km non stop,I can lift more weight than I ever thought, I can drag a heavy bag across the gym floor. I sweat like a pig, my hair looks like shit.. It's the best feeling. Thank you to Wayne, and Charlene for going to the gym early, setting up the circuits, planning, and preparing for each class .. And above all, your support, and believing in your clients potential. Love you guys ❤️ Quotes
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Quotes great environment and the workouts are second to none - Char and Wayne make you feel welcome as does all the others - would recommend if looking to get fit while having fun!!! Quotes
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Quotes I have been attending Pride Muay Thai since it opened in the fall of 2012. Wayne and Char are very approachable and easy going, the people you meet are great, and the work outs intense...but you will have fun and see results...whether that is more energy, a leaner body, or confidence in yourself - I have not been able to attend as much lately but they offer a flexible schedule for everyone - I suggest you give it a try - do it you won't be disappointed!!! Quotes