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2014 TBA-SA Muay Thai Classic Tournament

Posted by pridemuaythai2012 on July 4, 2014 at 11:00 AM

I finally have a moment to sit down and write about our awesome experience at the Muay Thai Classic tournament in Iowa this past weekend.

If you kept an eye on our facebook page, most of you will know that our little club did extremely well. We couldnt be more proud of our fighters!

We had 10 fighters go out this year. Ranging from the age of 9 to 47!  Let me break this down for you, because the diversity in our team was amazing!  We had 2 nine year olds, 3 junior fighters, 5 male fighters and 5 female fighters, 8 novice fighters, an A class fighter, A novice fighter who stepped up to B class, and two seniors, one male and one female. Whom all were in a different weight brackets! 

The weekend went by so fast! We arrived in Des Moines on wednesday night between 9:30 - 10:00 pm after driving for 12 hours! Thursday was the weigh ins.. we all made weight with no poroblems.. Friday the elimination fights were to start.  After all 480 registered fighters checked in, we had 5 of our fighters automatically advance to the championships.

Cory and Brianne fought the first day.. they both fought very tough opponents and unfortunetly they did not get the win. But that didnt put a damper on our spirits because we still had 8 more fighters left to fight. Friday we had 3 fighters go to battle. Justyn, Kru wayne and our littlest guy Jearan. Justyn brought us the first W for the team! Unfortunately that was the only win for the day. Little Jearan fought a taller opponent who had won the tournament the last two years in a row and he came out quite aggressive which startled Jearan in the first round. Wayne got to do battle with his first pick. Wayne's opponent was a guy he had previously fought a few years ago in calgary, the fight didnt go to well for Wayne back then, so he was excited to have the re-match. But his opponent was much bigger and stronger. He read Kru Wayne like a book and dominated the whole fight! But is was an exciting fight to say the least.

Championship day - Sunday. 

Already promised to be a busy day with having 6 fighters, so we were expecting to be crazy.. But  it happened to work out very nice for us. I dont know if the tournament directors were thinking about us or not, but the fights seemed to be scheduled perfectly.  We started the day with Justyn.

Justyns championship fight was a battle to the bitter end. Wow, was it exciting. He fought a very talented young man from southside muay thai in toronto. Unfortunately after three fast paced rounds, the decision went to Justyns opponent.

Up next - Ashley and Dave

Ashley was our novice who stepped up to B class so she could fight. She was matched up against a girl who had fought 9 times already.. we really didnt have the cards in our favor. But we knew this going in and worked on a game plan.. Ashley stuck to the game plan and completely dominated the fight. Our first win for the day and our first Title for the team!

Daves fight was immediatley after Ashley. Even though we were all on a high after Ashley's win, we had another job to do. Win another fight! And David did just that! Although Dave had some background in boxing, it was the clinch that sealed the deal for him. Both Dave and his opponent were extremely exhausted after this first round, But David knew he had to finish up and take the belt! Our second win of the day and our second Title for the team!

After a short break it was Hudson and Drea's turn in the ring!

Hudson was our other little nine year old. He was fighting another young boy who had experience in the ring.. He had already won two boxing matches. So we had to come up with a game plan.  Once the fight started, Hudson stuck to it.. lots of kicks.  The first round was so close... at lease we all thought so. The second round, Hudson dominated in the clinch, we moved his opponent all over the ring. I think he may have won the second round. The third round was a little like the first, hudson kicked and his opponenet boxed.  But Hudson's opponent was a little more aggressive in that last round, so I am sure the judges gave it to him. The final decision went to Hudson's opponenet. It was so close in our eyes. I wasnt really impressed with the sportsmanship of Hudsons opponent during the fight... His behavor was more for a street fighter, I dont believe in antagonizing the other fighter.  But after the fight and decision was made, he did lift hudsons hand in respect.

Onward to Drea's fight. We were fortunate enought to watch Drea's opponent fight the day before, so we got a little idea of what to expect. Drea's is extremely strong in the clinch and she quite a height advantage on her oppoenent. Drea's moved her around the ring all three rounds. It went back and forth between the two, punching and kicking, and clinch. It was an awesome fight! And even more awesome when Drea's name was announced for the win. Another W and another title for the team!

Last but not least - Coach Char

Since its me writing this... its hard to talk about myself. I was exhausted and I wanted to puke... I need to work on my cardio.. lol.   I WON! I got the title for my team!   Cant say more than that!   :)

So out of 10 fighters, we are taking home 4 belts, 4 titles!  Thats pretty good for a small club. We could'nt be more happier or prouder for our team and our club! We are so proud of each and every member of the team. We all went out there and fought with heart and passion. We couldnt ask for more.

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