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Fight Night, Muskogee, Ok

Posted by Derrick on April 9, 2013 at 1:55 PM

I would like to start off by sending a big THANK YOU to Ty Pilgrim and his partner at Striking fights for letting me partake in one of the most professionally run amateur Muay Thai events that I have ever been a part of. Secondly I would like to thank my opponent David Roland for rising up to the challenge and being a great opponent. He is a very talented fighter where I had to use all the skills I know to compete with him.

The fight started out very shaky for me as he came out with a very powerful leg kick. Unfortunately the ring was very slippery so when that kick came it was on the calf and sent my feet flying from under me. I didn't get discouraged though; I popped right back up and made a mental note of the ring so it wouldn't catch me off guard again. We battled back and forth and at one point I heard my KRU Wayne yell a combo. In my mind I though why not. I let it out like a class 9 hurricane and boom David was on the mat getting a standing 8 count. I was such a rush especially when I saw that I had drawn blood…my bloodlust was growing and I wanted more.

The second and third rounds were tough we battled back and forth and David was very effective in offsetting my timing for my combos. I don't know if he heard my corner or was just reacting to me but it was a good strategy on his part. When I came out in the third round I knew I had to dominate it but so did David. He told me later that his corner told him to win he had to knock me out and he tried repeatedly. We both fought hard pushing each other back and forth. We both were starting to tire so as the round came to a close we both had to dig deeper and deeper. I felt that the harder he fought I had to fight that much harder. I didn't give up; I have taught myself never to give up until that final bell goes.

One of the most exciting part of the fight was the fact that at the end of each round we both were fighting so hard that the ref had to jump in between us because I am sure we would both have kept going till we couldn't go anymore.

So the third round ended and I wasn't too sure how the decision was going to go. I congratulated David on a great fight and returned to my corner. I was still feeling the effects of adrenalin and everything was a bit blurred…I didn't even realize any of the crowd's reaction to the fight. So the ref called us back to the center of the ring for the decision. In my mind, win or lose, I still won. I was in complete shock when the announcer said the match ended in a draw. It took me a minute to realize what that meant even as the ref raised both our hands.

My fight was the first of the three fights for our club PRIDE Muay Thai. The next fight was Shahin and it was her first fight at that. She fought very hard and very well. As I was recording it from the back, the people around me said "WOW, she has heart and is tough". That she does. She had a few hurdles to overcome during training and she did that. She didn't let anything interfere with her dream of fighting. She challenged her opponent and didn't stop. I am proud that I was able to train with her and I am also proud to call her "Sister". It takes a very strong person to enter the ring and stronger person to walk out with their head held high after going to battle and she did that. The third fight was KRU Wayne. He fought hard and well. There is a reason I call him KRU and if you saw him fight you know why. Unfortunately, after dominating the first four rounds his opponent landed a cross at the right time and the right place which knocked him to the mat and he was unable to continue. It could have just as easily gone the other way. As a fighter there is nothing you can do to prevent good timing and placement of a knockout punch. Wayne fought with all his heart and soul and that is all that counts in my book. I am honored to call him KRU and Brother!!!

As a club we made many connections and let people know that Canucks are tough SOB's. We were told repeatedly that we were welcome back to fight on the Striking promotion. I look forward to the next time…and yes there will be a next time…as long as my heart is a beating!!!!

In closing I would like to thank both KRU Wayne and KRU Charleen for the time and effort. Since I have started training a PRIDE Muay Thai, I have grown as a fighter and a person more than any other place I have trained. That is because PRIDE isn't a club with numbers; it's a family that cares about you inside the club and outside as well. I would also like to thank the members of PRIDE as well as my friends who showed support for me in this endeavor.

Muay Thai isn't fighting it’s a way of living life and challenging yourself to be better!!


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