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StriKing Fights in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Posted by Kru Wayne on April 9, 2013 at 12:15 AM

It was a tough weekend for us. All 3 of us had very tough fights.

I'll start with Derricks fight.

He fought David Rowland. David came out with a ton of force. The very first strike that he landed was a leg kick, he hit Derrick hard and it swept his leg right out from under him. As Derrick went down I got a little worried, I thought that I hope Derricks up for this, this wasn't the game plan we had planned for, I hope it didn't hurt Derrick's leg too bad. Derrick got up no problem he looked strong and ready for war. The rest of the round was a war back and forth. I yelled a combo and boom Derrick did it, he landed a very strong and flush right over hand that put David down. He went down hard. I started thinking wow this is it, there's no way David is getting back up and into this fight. David did get up, a little wobbly but he was able to finish off the round. Second round Derrick and David began hitting hard. It was a big hitting round but David pulled ahead that round. Third round we told Derrick to go out and get it. And Derrick did just that. He brought it to David. They were both tired but dug deep and still swung for the fences. That round was very very close but went to David. So because Derrick knocked David down in round one he got an 10-8 score and then David got rounds 2&3 scoring 10-9 each. It came to the announcement of the winner, the crowd was very loud and lively, but once the judges announcement was read that it was a draw I thought they were going to hang us. The crowd got extremely loud booing. They definitely were cheering on David and wanted a winner announced. I was extremely proud of Derricks performance he showed a great amount of skill and heart. He got a ton of congratulations from everyone. Even tho it was a draw it was a win in my book.

Then we had to rush back there was only one fight in between Derrick's and Shahin's. We rushed to the back to work on some last minute stuff with Shahin. Then before we knew it, we heard Shahins music being played and name announced. Turns out the fight before her was finished in the first round. So we quickly scrambled up and out the stage. I could sense Shahins nervousness. The fight started and Bebe Laced came out pretty aggressive. Shahin held her own and walked thru most of Bebe's punches and hit her back harder. Shahin was able to get the better exchanges in the clinch. It was a tough first round, back and forth. Second round Bebe came out aggressive again but this time came out with a lot of kicks, teeps and push kicks. Bebe hit Shahin with a pretty good push kick right to Shahins face which split the inside of her lip. But it didn't faze Shahin, she just kept going. Again Shahins clinch was looking good and she was able to out work Bebe in the clinch. Third round was high action packed round with both girls swinging for the fences. The decision went to Bebe but it was still a victory for Shahin. She got into the ring in front of a lot of people fought a very tough and didn't give up. Its an accomplishment in itself to go all three rounds. As we left Shahin was a little sad at the decision but the crowd kept congratulating her for such a great performance. Everyone in the locker room agreed that it was a great fight. There were even a few people who thought that Shahin won.

We had 10 fights in between Derrick and Shahins fights and my fight. We weren't rushed to get ready. Now it was my fight. I was looking forward to this and couldn't wait. I absolutely love the thrill and the challenge of a great fight. Bell went, Billy and I came out and started our fight. It was very apparent to me that he liked to be a counter striker and really liked his teeps. I tried to be aggressive but not to fall into a trap. I wanted to keep the center of the ring and keep his back to the ropes. When we clinched he drove his hips in right trying to nullify my knees but I reached over his arms and pushed his head back, arching his back deeply. I was able to take advantage if this and use my swing knees and knees to his legs greatly. Due to the clinch and my aggression I felt I won the first round solidly. Second round seemed to go like the first. I felt more and more comfortable in the clinch and used it to my advantage. This round Billy really liked using the brazillian kick where he tries to come up and over top of my guard with it. Just after the bell rung Billy thru a kick, it clipped me right in the ear. I thought geez that sucked. Walked to my corner and char says "how'd that feel?" I felt I won the second round but it was closer than the first so it definitely could have went to Billy. Third round I decided I wanted to clinch more I realized that was my best weapon for Billy. Again round 3 was similar to the first 2. Billy was tough but I felt because of my clinch, ring control and aggression that I won it. Fourth round I felt that Billy began to tire. I poured on the clinch I got the double collar and started driving knee after knee but Billy was tough he pulled thru it escaped and kept fighting. Fifth round I was thinking ok I've won this fight so far. But there was no way I was just going to sit back and relax I was looking for an explosive finish and exciting fight. The round started out as the others did. We got split up a bit, I came in looking for a strong leg kick, but Billy anticipated it. He step in as I kicked and thru a cross right down the middle and into my face. I went down. I remember the whole thing. I thought "crap! That sucks. Ok just get up finish this fight and you can still win." I went to get up but my legs were too wobbly. So I took a second and then tried again but nope still too wobbly and fell back. Ref then called it off. I was so disappointed in my self. I couldn't believe I lost. But Billy was a great opponent, very tough. He had strong kicks and strong punches. I hope that I can someday fight him again. Maybe for the belt again. He's definitely a good challenge and that's what I like the best. All in all the weekend was great. All 3 of us had tough opponents and forced us to challenge ourselves and learn. I am so very proud of both Shahin and Derrick they showed a great effort and did so extremely well.

A huge thanks to Charleen for all her effort and help. Without her, I couldn't do it. I would also like to thank Nethaneel and Veronica Mongonia for their support and their friendship. They made a great weekend even better.

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