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Kids Martial Arts

Discover How Martial Arts Will Transform Your Child Into A Confident and Focused Individual Ready For Life's Biggest Challenges!

Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than team sports in developing a child’s self esteem and confidence? Do you have a child that is very shy or timid? Or, on the contrary, is your child way too energetic or in need of some positive discipline? Our youth martial arts programs will give your child loads of confidence and is a super positive outlet for all that extra energy!


Our martial arts programs are a great investment into your child's future. These classes are designed to instill Confidence, Discipline and Respect into your child's daily life.  We have the most extensive kids Muay Thai program with more classes than any other club. All of our classes are designed to work on the following areas of development;

  • Regular exercise
  • Fun
  • Confidence & self esteem
  • Discipline

  • Respect for oneself and others
  • Self defense
  • Work as a team / Social skills
  • Concentration

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art that uses stand up striking along with various clinching techniques. Many people refer to it has a form of kickboxing as it uses punches and kicks. Muay thai is classified as one of the most respected and disciplined martial arts in the world and is proven to be the best activity to learn self defense as well as increase self confidence, flexibility, and overall health.

We offer multiple levels of muay thai training for kids ages 5 - 15. Beginner, Level 1 - Intermediate & Level 2 - Advanced 

Beginner Muay Thai

Our Beginner Muay Thai classes are a 45 minute class where students will learn the fundamental techniques of muay thai striking.  There is no person to person contact in this class. New students of all ages start with the beginner level until they meet all requirements to advance to level 1 - intermediate.

Our beginner classes run twice a week and no equipment required until they advance to level 1.

Intermediate - Level 1 Muay Thai

Our recommendation into the level 1 muay thai will bring more challenges for the students. Students not only continue on working the basic fundamentals but also different types of contact drills like; attacks and counters, blocking drills, heavy bag work, advanced combos, working the clinch and one for one drills.  Level 1 students are grouped into 3 age categories and remain in these classes until they reach the age 0f 16. Intermediate students also work towards advancing through our schools ranking system. 

Little Ninjas :  Ages 6 - 8

After advancing from beginners, we start introducing light contact drills to these little ninja's. Because of their age and size, there is no sparring yet.

Muay Thai Warriors :  Ages 9 - 12

Students transitioning into warriors will find new challenges as they are tested regularly. Advanced techniques and combos will keep these warriors on their toes!

Jr. Nak Muay :  Ages 13 - 15

Our Jr. Nak Muay class is designed to prepare the students for our adult classes. Students will experience a variety of class styles from learning basic to advanced muay thai techniques, pad holding and heavy bag drills to complex combos and exercises.

Advanced - Level 2 Muay Thai

Future Champions

Level 2 is by  invitation only and designed for students ages 9 and up who are more serious about training and/or are actively training for competitions.  This class is in addition to and are required to continue training in their regular Muay Thai class.  Students are required to be committed to and attend classes on a regular basis. Students can and will be removed from this program if they are not consistently active.

S.T.A.P (Student Teacher Assistant Program)
Students that show a positive attitude and have superb work ethics may have the opportunity to assist in our youth beginner and level 1 classes with  parents approval and permission. 
Students are still required to attend their regular classes and will be removed from this program if they are not consistently active.

For more information on our advanced levels, please speak to us directly.

No - Gi Grappling

Our no-gi grappling class works submission style wrestling involving positioning and maneuvers designed to dominate your opponent. This style of grappling is a blend of judo, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This class is suitable to both girls and boys ages 7 - 13. Classes run twice a week on tuesday & thursday evenings from 7pm - 8pm under the guidance of Coach Kevin Kumyhr.

Tuition & important information

# of classes
1 Class / Week
 2 Classes / Week
 3 Classes / Week
 Unlimited Classes

All new students must pay a $60 registration fee which includes their uniform.

  • Monthly & Bi-Weekly tuition fees are a recurring auto-pay through a checking account or by credit card.
  • There is a minimum 6 month commitment with a 30 day trial period. 
  • As much as we would hate to see you go, you may cancel your membership at anytime in your first 30 days. Please speak to a representative to cancel.
  • Memberships may be frozen for any period of 14 days to 60 days for any reason for a maximum of 2 suspensions a year. To freeze a membership, a suspension form must be filled out at the front desk at least 30 days prior to suspension with an expectant return date.
  • Contracts can be cancelled after the 6 month commitment with a 30 day written notice. Forms are available at the front desk.
  • Once your membership is active, your rate will not change for as long as you are an active member regardless if our rates go up.
  • Please note - we do NOT offer refunds for any reason.

Class Schedule

Children wanting to compete, and have their parents support, Pride Muay Thai has options that would allow the students to compete locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. When junior fighters come along, they get extra attention outside of regular classes so that their desire to compete does not impact the kids that are not competing and just taking classes recreationally. 

If you need financial assistance, the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program may be able to help you. Click the picture below to find out more information.