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Can't make it to one of our evening classes?  


Whether your schedule doesn't allow it or you prefer to workout in the morning, our KickFit30 program is the solution!


KickFit30 is a full body kickboxing workout done in only 30 minutes! So, if time is a factor,  we got you covered.  Your workout will consist of multiple rounds doing various Muay Thai Kickboxing combos. Each week the workout changes so you will be constantly pushed and challenged! 


Our KickFit30 program runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 7am to 1pm. There is multiple start times, so you can do your workout when its convenient for you! 


And there is always a qualified trainer with you at every step showing you what exercises to do.


You do not need any muay thai or kickboxing experience. All levels welcome.

See more on our FAQ page.

Membership Options

Includes the KickFit30 & Kickboxing classes.

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 1 month
 3 months
 6 months
 1 year
2 days / week
3 days /  week
Unlimited Classes

Hand wraps & Gloves are required for this class. Please see a Pride Muay Thai staff for pricing.

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