Pride Muay Thai 

Passion. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence. 



Our most popular class! 

This high intensity co-ed class focuses on basic Muay Thai techniques and applies them to a fun, energetic and fast paced hour of punching and kicking. 

This class is not your typical tae-bo class. 

We work with partners and hit the thai pads. Every class is different from the next so you wont get bored of doing the same workout all the time. Each class we start with a 10-15 minute warm up and end with a 10 minute cool down. What we do in between is where all the magic happens! 

Some days we might be hitting 4 rounds at 3 mintues each, some days we might be doing 2 minutes drills... but we always work on technique and we always have fun!

And... we promise you will be sweating and burning tons of calories.